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Uk Medicine Personal Statement Examples

Today, we are looking through a Medicine applicant’s Personal Statement that helped secure a place at Cambridge University.The Medicine Course at Cambridge aims to educate students to become compassionate, thoughtful, skilled members – and leaders – of the medical profession.. Read on to see how this candidate wrote a Personal Statement that demonstrates the qualities.

  • Personal Statement:Medicine 20. During my time at university I have developed (realised) a true passion to become a doctor. I feel that medicine is vocation that stimulates my scientific preference whilst also being a profession that would capitalise on my attributes. I am naturally a compassionate, caring and responsible individual.

  • Nov 13, 2019Medicine Personal Statement - Oxford, Cardiff and St George's by khinayat Personal statement of Dr. Vitasta Raina for medical school by Vitasta St George's, University of London Medicine Personal Statement Example by David Brill

  • Jun 22, 2020Personal Statement and Comments. In the transition from childhood to youth, I became increasingly enraptured by the workings of the human mind and body and what it means to lead an ephemeral life. Intrigued.

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